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RKS Łubnica


Our headquarter

Łubnica, ul. Dożynkowa 5 64-050 Wielichowo, Wielkopolska, Poland

Our headquarters is in Łubnica
located a nearby Grodzisk Wlkp.
Check access to the RKS Lubnica.


RKS Łubnica

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Our Products...

  • majonez_lubnicki

    Mayonnaise Lubnicki

    Produced for over 30 years, according to the traditional recipe.
  • tort_bezowy

    Meringue cake

    It is over 30 years, manufactured by the traditional recipe.
  • katchup_lubnicki

    Ketchup Lubnicki

    A special formula - tasty, thick and not flow away from the food.
  • sos_bolonski

    Bolognese sauce

    Sensational tomato sauce for traditional Italian cuisine.
  • leczo_pieczarkowe

    Lecho / mushrooms

    Traditional foods characteristic of Hungarian cuisine.
  • czosnek_z_ziolami_w_oleju

    Garlic in oil

    A delicious snack and the addition of many dishes.
  • ogorki_konserwowe


    Derived from their own crops, the land clean. Sweet and sour taste.
  • jajka_ze_sciolki

    Barn-laid eggs

    Our fresh eggs are laid by healthy hens in our huge barns.
  • ambona_mysliwska

    Raised hide

    Hunt's place for hunting with the hides. Durable, ergonomics and safe.

About Us

Rolniczy Kombinat Spółdzielczy w Łubnicy (Combine Agricultural Cooperative in Lubnica) was founded in 1953.
We operate in three municipalities. We employ about 150 people. We grow over 330 hectares of fields. We cooperate with many Polish and foreign companies in the food market.

RKS Lubnica principal activity is food processing and animal husbandry. Our main markets are countries of EU.

RKS Lubnica uses modern technology and traditional agriculture crop production and livestock. We use home-grown vegetables. Our raw materials derived from ecologically clean areas.

We provide manufacturing services and packaging, also for external stakeholders, both in food processing industry and wood processing.
Our Products
Our flagship products are considered among the clients: mayonnaise and meringue cakes. Produce such ketchup, pickles, tartar sauce and garlic sauce, prepared dishes (vegetables in sauce, bolognese sauce, mushrooms lecho) other meringue products, and eggs from the barn.
For 20 years we have been buying and processing of snails: (Roman snail - Helix pomatia) and the reproduction, breeding and treatment of African and Mediterranean snails species such as African snail - Helix aspersa maxima and European brown snail - Helix aspersa muller.
We have one of the largest snail farms in Poland, producing annually about 50 tons of meat of snails. Farm snails of RKS Lubnica include Park breeding, processing of eggs, a division of reproduction, luggage flock, hatchery, feed store, lab.
We have all the necessary certificates and licenses to export snails to European Union markets.
We are one of the leading producers of processing food in the region. We have a modern production line for fruit and vegetable processing and packaging. Still use the traditional recipe for baking cakes (meringue and beige) that are gluten-free products.
All products have a fixed RKS Lubnica brand for many years on the Polish market. Produce mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces, pickles, meringue/beige products, ready meals and other processed according to customer requirements.
RKS Lubnica for over 20 years, successfully dealing with growed poultry (laying hens and broilers) of race Lohman-Brown and egg production of the barn. Also we breed pigs (pigs race PIC) and fur-bearing animals (mink, arctic foxes and silver foxes).
Particular attention is paid to species of snails farming.
We are well-known manufacturer in the wood industry. We have our own sawmill and a very well-equipped woodworking shop. We have a fleet of machinery for woodworking, furniture and garden products and the potential for pressure impregnation of wood in an autoclave. We produce pallets, pavilions for mink hunting blinds, garden houses, sheds nest, wooden swings. We have a lot of experience in furniture production.
Agricultural Production
We grow grain and vegetables (plantation cucumbers, carrots and onions). We use our own machinery (combine John Deere & tractors John Deere, Deutz Fahr) and other specialized farm equipment.
Scientific Cooperation
RKS Lubnica cooperates with the Universities of Nature in Wroclaw and Poznan and other Polish and European scientists and research institutions.
We have all the necessary certificates authorizing the sale of snails in the markets of European Union countries.